Tree Square – The Perfect Tree

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Every year we drive to the countryside to find the perfect tree for Christmas. After living in this house for 42 years we finally decided that smaller is better.


Sunday Trees – 321

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It’s been way too cold to go out and take photographs outdoors so this is the best I could do this week. Happy New Year everyone!

p.s. I still haven’t taken my tree down and I’m a day late….sorry I’ve had computer issues (good ones)




My Favourites

….decorations that is

Over the years I have collected hundreds of Christmas ornaments and decorations. Some were gifted to me, many were handmade by my friends, my students, my children and by me. Every year I usually purchase one special ornament that catches my eye.

As my children grew up, moved out and started their own Christmas traditions I gave them some of my ornaments that had special meanings for them. I still have more decorations than I can possibly put on the tree, especially now as I buy smaller trees. This year I carefully chose ornaments that brought back wonderful memories.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Sunday Trees – 267

…thanks Becca for hosting Sunday Trees

This year I didn’t start decorating my tree until Christmas Eve and thankfully  my daughters helped me begin the process. I love doing the tree but I don’t like doing it on my own. With my husband being so sick the last few weeks I never found the time or energy to start hauling out the lights and the decorations. Earlier in the week I did bring the tree inside, sawed off bottom, trimmed the lower branches and placed it in the tree stand. That night I didn’t get to bed till 2:30. Not a good thing, especially on a school night.

Once the decorating process started it was enjoyable and I continued putting on a few more decorations the next day. Each year my tree gets smaller and the need for a lot of ornaments also gets smaller. Sometimes I think less is more. Here is the finished product.p1020075p1020129

These whimsical Santa trees were made by me many years ago but they continue to be some of my favourite decorations. Do you have a favourite in your home?

My Favourite Decorations

…..homemade are always the best and then those that have been lovingly gifted by a special friend

As I decorated my tree this year, I discovered that I was more particular as to what went on the tree. One of the reasons for cutting back on the decorations had to do with the size of the tree. Every year for the last few years I’ve been down sizing when it comes to choosing my tree. I used to look for one that was tall and full but in my little house that really didn’t make much sense and as the family has grown to include significant others space has become an issue. This Christmas Eve we had 11 adults over and when it came time to open presents the living room was jam packed with bodies.


I digress, however, so back to the topic that I started with. Decorations. As a child I used to love the glass ornaments that my mother brought with us from Germany. They were brightly painted and very delicate and more than once I remember breaking one or two because I chose to play with them when they should have been left undisturbed on the tree. Some of them were in the shape of instruments and actually played a tuned when you blew into them. Oh how tempting for a six year old to remove them from the tree and try them out. Sadly all these beautiful ornaments have disappeared over the years.

When I married I started to collect ornaments for my own tree. Over the years my friend AB gifted us unusual and beautiful ornaments to adorn our tree and in my crafty days I made numerous objects to hang on the tree. One of the simplest ornaments that I made was a walnut sprayed with gold paint and adorned with a red bow. I’ve had a box of these for over 20 years.IMG_0009 When my oldest daughter left the nest she also started to make ornaments for the tree. Her choice of medium is felt and she has created some very unusual pieces, including a human heart (she’s a medical illustrator by profession). One of the first ornaments that she gave us was a cute felt squirrel because she knows how much my husband loves (NOT) those pesky little rodents.IMG_0005







Over the years my collection has grown partly because of my friend, AB who I have known for over 35 years. She has made it a tradition to give me ornaments every year. I’ve received little fans, wooden angels, apples, and numerous other glittery and mostly red ornaments.

I’ve met some very talented people over the years. One of them is a neighbour who used to paint beautiful characters onto fabric and then sew around the painting and stuff them. They were small enough to be hung on a tree and I have saved and cherished her work for many years. Another neighbour and good friend has a sister who also used to sell her handiwork and one of her Santas has become one of my favourites.P1040004 P1030998


As my collection grew I started to give away some of my ornaments to my children, especially ones that I made.  It’s nice to know that they have good homes and maybe some day will be passed on to other generations. One can only hope.

Hope all of you had as happy a Christmas as I did. The celebrations continue at our house.  Boxing Day with my father, a trip to Niagara Falls, and a birthday celebration for our twins (going on 32). New Year’s Eve will probably be quiet but you never know.