My Favourites

….decorations that is

Over the years I have collected hundreds of Christmas ornaments and decorations. Some were gifted to me, many were handmade by my friends, my students, my children and by me. Every year I usually purchase one special ornament that catches my eye.

As my children grew up, moved out and started their own Christmas traditions I gave them some of my ornaments that had special meanings for them. I still have more decorations than I can possibly put on the tree, especially now as I buy smaller trees. This year I carefully chose ornaments that brought back wonderful memories.

Here are a few of my favourites:

5 thoughts on “My Favourites

  1. Oh, oh, oh!! I loved this post. Over the years, a person collects so many ornaments that some become clutter, some become treasured memories, and some are plain favorites. I get a thrill when I see one of my old ornaments on my daughter’s tree. This year, her three children came and decorated my tree; oh, they were thrilled, and so was I!!

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