Last on the Card – April 2021

thanks to Bush Boy for hosting this monthly challenge

The last photo on my Lumix Panasonic is a shot at my bird feeder. I try to keep my camera with the zoom lens close by so that when an interesting bird comes by I can capture it at the feeder. It’s harder than it looks because any little movement, even on the other side of the glass scares them off.


Last on the Card March 2021

thanks to Bushboys World for hosting

The last photograph on my Lumix Panasonic is of our dog Frances sunning herself on our deck on March 31st.


On my iPhone the last photos in March are ones that were sent via WhatsApp and landed in my Photos page. These two are my daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Sevin. In the second shot you can see the new shiner that Sevin is sporting. She’s just learning to walk and she took a tumble and fell on the edge of a chair.


The last photo that I took on my iPhone is just before I got back in the car after our hike along the Etobicoke Creek on Tuesday.


Sunday Stills – The Monthly Colour Challenge – Spring Green

thanks to Terri for hosting Sunday Stills

There’s not a lot of green in Toronto yet so I had to look to the green grocers for shots of green.

3-AAFF106-D10-F-4-A51-BB6-D-05994-F76-F8-A5 9694-E1-D8-B312-43-F3-829-B-FDFBB2733-A6-A 69590038-47-F5-4-FB6-B3-D2-C0-D0-E5803-C62 413-D795-D-6-E16-4-C4-B-8-BE7-3-CD383-CD7843