Eraser Stamping

….another interesting technique from Carla Sonheim’s ‘Crazy Flowers 2’ lessons

Instead of buying expensive stamps you can make stamps from kneadable erasers. Simply knead the eraser into a tube or cone shape and flatten one end till it’s about the size of a quarter. Then press the flat surface into something with texture or add marks with a pointy tool or the edge of a knife.IMG-3625

Pick up some ink from a stamp pad and try it on a scrap piece of paper first. You can play around with ghost printing and overlapping colours.  Here is my sample sheet of flowers made using this technique.IMG-3627

The next assignment is to use all the techniques taught so far and create three small painting of abstract flowers.

Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge – Week 37

….thanks to Xingfu Mama for hosting the Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge

As the summer draws to a close the seats up at the cottage are mostly empty now during the week. The last photo is of my granddaughter enjoying a book in a comfy chair at school while she waits for her Mom.