Moving On

….to lesson two

Here’s the last random collage from lesson one that I just finished. I may go back later and do a couple more but for now I’m satisfied with what I’ve accomplished and I am anxious the try my hand at ‘moon papers’. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is. I’ll explain in the next post.

For this collage I started with the tree trunk. After much searching I found the illustration of the girl meditating and it went from there. I decided to try my hand at adding lines of stitching. I picked up this idea from Jill Kuhn who is also doing the class, 2019: A Year of Collage. Jill is a wonderful source of inspiration and constantly praises what I do. Thank you Jill.


A Blast of Winter

….for the longest time I complained that there was NO snow

Who complains about the lack of snow? Unless you’re a skier or a child dreaming of a ‘snow day’ when all the schools get closed, very few ‘sane’ people, especially seniors, would dare utter those words. Well I guess I’m a little bit crazy because I love watching the snow come down from the warmth of my bedroom or living room and because I’m retired I can just hunker down and enjoy the beauty from my window.IMG-0190