A Blast of Winter

….for the longest time I complained that there was NO snow

Who complains about the lack of snow? Unless you’re a skier or a child dreaming of a ‘snow day’ when all the schools get closed, very few ‘sane’ people, especially seniors, would dare utter those words. Well I guess I’m a little bit crazy because I love watching the snow come down from the warmth of my bedroom or living room and because I’m retired I can just hunker down and enjoy the beauty from my window.IMG-0190

9 thoughts on “A Blast of Winter

      • I can imagine that it was difficult. I went to Montgomery’s Inn this morning to make the dough for tomorrow’s bake. Driving was easy but the walking scared me to death. I had to walk across Bloor and Islington because the parking lot at the Inn hadn’t been ploughed and I had to park quite a ways away. Unfortunately the sidewalk in front of the Inn wasn’t shovelled either and I felt like I was going to fall onto the road.


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