Texture Tuesday – March 2, 2021

I love textures and the closer you get to plant material you can find some very interesting textures from fluffy to spiky. Todays photos feature a spiky seed pod and a Queen Anne’s Lace flower in its final stage. The flower gets stranger looking as it goes through its metamorphosis. My husband thought it actually looked creepy. I guess if you don’t know what it is, it does look like something is crawling out of it.

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Happy Family Day Weekend

….in most of Canada we’re celebrating Family Day on Monday

What a wonderful way to start a long weekend  with a 6k walk. The weather was perfect. Sunny and mild. A great day to take photographs. Here are a few shots that I took this morning.


Seven Day Nature Challenge – Day 2

The lovely Becca Givens from On Dragonfly Wings With Buttercup Tea  has invited me to join the Seven Day Nature Challenge. Every day I will post a photo taken from nature and invite a new person to participate in the challenge.

On day 2 I’m asking Joanne over at My Life Lived Full to join the Seven Day Nature Challenge. She’s travelled far and taken some wonderful photos. I’m hoping she’ll share some of her nature photos in this challenge.