Happy Family Day Weekend

….in most of Canada we’re celebrating Family Day on Monday

What a wonderful way to start a long weekend  with a 6k walk. The weather was perfect. Sunny and mild. A great day to take photographs. Here are a few shots that I took this morning.


18 thoughts on “Happy Family Day Weekend

    • I can’t say enough about my home. I was born in Germany but have lived in Canada since I was 2 years old. Family Day is a relatively new holiday but already it holds special memories for me. Two years ago on Family Day our youngest daughter announced that she was pregnant. Our first grandchild would arrive later that year in October.


    • When the government was trying to establish a new holiday about 10 years ago they bantered around numerous names for the day. I remember Flag Day came up and I think some provinces call the day Heritage Day. I love Family Day because we all come from some kind of family and sometimes our friends become our family. It’s a great excuse to get together and spend the day with loved ones.

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  1. Having a family day is an interesting concept. I wonder, though, if it causes unhappiness amongst those who, for whatever reason, don’t have a family around them to celebrate, and whether it makes some people feel even more lonely than otherwise. Many people here have families who have left in search of work and opportunities, there are those whose families have thrown them out, those who are the last remaining members of their family. Hopefully such people won’t be forgotten.

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