Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Pernickety Pets

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A few years ago, before COVID, I looked after my neighbours cat while she was in the hospital. His name is Tober. My husband is allergic to cats so I went over to the house twice a day to feed him and I stayed for an hour to keep him company. I did this for six weeks. You’d think after all this time we’d have some kind of relationship but when he goes out he avoids me at all costs and heads straight for the neighbour across the street who used to leave him treats. How fickle.


Even though we owned a cat for 12 years before my husband’s allergies kicked in, we’re definitely more dog people. Below is our daughter’s dog, Olive, who we dog sit periodically and our dog, Frances, is the last photo. Frances was a great dog, who loved the water and lived to the ripe old age of 15. We lost Frances almost a year ago.


Thursday Trios and Pull Up a Seat all in One

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