Macro Monday – January 4, 2021

happy New Year everyone…I hope you continue to take macro shots

I love taking macro shots and even with the change in weather I’m finding all kinds of subjects for macro photography. Hope some of you will share some of your macro shots with the world.

9-F7177-A0-56-C7-47-CF-AF8-A-E112587-F0633 153-E2-ACF-6405-414-C-BCA8-018225-CDF47-F D3-ECDF5-C-280-B-4096-8-A23-C72-B2-F3-E5466 1917-B66-D-AE3-F-4-B05-9-AAB-5-A2032413768 DA8-F5508-793-B-41-E6-8654-C657-C5-D59-B7-F 6-F5-F58-B6-3-DDA-4963-B935-9-EB454-F6-E5-B2

A Mermaid Prompt for Day 3

….for those who are keeping track of my doodling adventures

Late last night on the third day of January I cracked open my book or prompts and the next in line was ‘a mermaid’. I searched for an image that I thought I might be able to draw. I found one that was clearly a mermaid but didn’t have too many details to bog me down. Here is my attempt to draw a mermaid.