All Lined Up

….thanks to Judy for hosting the All Lined Up Photo Challenge

A special shout out to our son-in-law for the last photo of our granddaughter with the line of dipping sauces in front of her.


6 thoughts on “All Lined Up

  1. Love! What wonderful lines. Are the tags on the grape vines (are they grape vines?) to ward off insdects? And what is the story of the strung line of bricks? You certainly win the prize (honarary–ha) for most varied and original. Every one of your photos tells a story.Oh yes, and the little lined-up photo collage? Has it a story behind it. Thanks for playing along! I’m just now getting a challenge set up for June to be posted June 1. Hope you play along again.

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    • Thanks Judy. I’m glad you liked my gallery of photos. I’m not sure what the tags on the grape vines are. The bricks were probably strung on a piece of rebar that someone found on the beach (man-made from recycled materials). The collage was an art assignment given by Carla Sonheim in her latest year long on-line class. Looking forward to your challenge in June.


      • Thanks for the answers. Can’t help being curious. See you in June. If you want a cheat preview on the theme, It’s going to be “To the Point.” I’ve started collecting photos so only fair that you should get to. You’ll be all ready by June 1!!!!

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  2. Wow! I just loved these photos, Carol! ❤️ I like the patterns and the sense of order…but I especially like your variety! 😊 The last photo of your granddaughter made me laugh! 💕😃

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