Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Week 1 – Pick a Topic from This Photo

…thanks to Cee for this unusual theme for the Fun Foto Challenge

Here is the photo Cee chose for us to use as inspiration.

We can use anything in the photo, i.e., vintage car, bridge, road, grass, trees, people, flowers, etc.



What is the Prettiest Cookie in the Whole World?

….thanks to Judy  for posing this question

Judy from Life Lessons posed this question on her blog yesterday with a photograph of one of my favourite cookies. I told her that it would be hard to beat. On my walk today I ventured into my local Polish deli and found some interesting cookies on the shelf.  Don’t worry there weren’t more than three customers in the store and we all kept our distance from each other.

I think the packaging was almost prettier than the cookie but they did taste nice with a cup of tea.69-FABDDE-B9-BB-447-E-ADFF-60-EF775806-A5