WPC – Favourite Action Shots for 2017

….I promise that these are the last of my favourites for 2017

Playing with a telephoto lens is new for me and this year I loved experimenting with my new toy. One of the things that I enjoyed doing was trying to catch action shots. I found it tricky timing the shot. So often I would take the shot too early or too late and only get part of the subject or none of it in the photo. Here are two shots that I’m particularly fond of. I’m sure they are far from perfect but it’s a work in progress.


Square Sky Challenge – December 22, 2017

….thanks to Becky B for hosting the Square Sky Challenge

It has been exceptionally grey here in Toronto for the last week or so. This photo was taken a couple of days ago when there appeared to be a ‘glimmer of hope’ emanating from the the sky early in the morning. Unfortunately it didn’t last. Last night the snow started to fall and it’s a winter wonderland around here. I’ll have to get out and see if I can capture some interesting shots with my camera.

I would have posted this earlier but I’ve been having some issues with my computer again. I think I’m one step closer in buying a new one.



WPC – Favourite Landscapes for 2017

….couldn’t limit my favourites to one photo

Here are two of my favourite photos of water. One is the city skyline of Toronto on a grey but calm day and other is a windy summer day at the beach overlooking Georgian Bay.


WPC – Favourites of 2017

….I couldn’t help but include photos of my granddaughter

My favourite photos of my granddaughter were the ones that she didn’t pose for. I love capturing her in her quiet and inquisitive moments.


Two more of my favourites for the WPC challenge – favourites