Painting Small….Very Small

….a great way to get back into my painting groove

Last week I discovered a new painting challenge that involved using prompts and painting on 2″x2″ pieces of watercolour paper. Amy from is hosting the Inchie Challenge for 12 days. It started on August 16 and goes to the 27th but you can start in anytime. There’s no charge for this challenge and it’s a great way to re-energize your creative juices.

On the weekend I packed up my travelling watercolour set, a brush and a few micron pens and 30 little squares that I had pre-cut. I wasn’t sure I could paint this small but once I started I was hooked. I managed to make 19 little paintings using the prompts, bundle, egg, mend and yellow. Here’s what I came up with.


Flags, Tattoo, Family Crest

….day 95 of the 365 Days of Art

I’ve started my day by drawing in my new art journal 500 Drawing Prompts. Today the prompts are flags, tattoos and family crest. I drew the flag from memory, the crest I made up and the tattoo I referenced from Google. Unfortunately you can see how the pen from the previous drawing has bled through. I’ve switched to Micron pens and that seems to help.IMG_1876

Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #63 – Stag and Noise

….this week’s prompts from Ronovan Writes are stag and noise

The Young Groom’s Dilemma 

Noises from within

Hammered against his temples

Last night’s stag replayed


The stag raised his head

declaring his win loudly

His noise heard for miles

Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge – Must and Bust

….thanks to Ronovan for this week’s prompts, must and bust


IMG_5732It must be August

The fields glow with Queen Anne’s Lace

Ripe seed heads bust free

IMG_5730 IMG_5731