Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge

….this week’s words from Ronovan are style and fresh

The Bitter Truth

Her own reflection

confirmed her need for a fresh

up-to-date hair style


But what style would bring

a smile to her aging face?

A fresh youthful look?


Or does one forgo

the fresh style of youth for a

short practical cut?


Does a modern style

mock her attempt to slow down,

to look fresh again?





Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #63 – Stag and Noise

….this week’s prompts from Ronovan Writes are stag and noise

The Young Groom’s Dilemma 

Noises from within

Hammered against his temples

Last night’s stag replayed


The stag raised his head

declaring his win loudly

His noise heard for miles

Carpe Diem-Hallowe’en Pumpkins

….this week’s Carpe Diem prompt is based on Hallowe’en

Orange Fields

Orange pumpkins wait

Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie

What will be their fate?


Lights glow from within

Through hollow eyes, sawed off teeth

Welcoming children


Big ones, little ones

Choosing is so difficult

Will it be one, two….?









Carpe Diem “Sparkling Stars” – Tea


Amber Delight

The colour infuses

the freshly boiled water

rich amber nectar


Sighs of instant joy

the tension vanishes with

the first sip of tea


Tea leaves swirl about

in the hot bath, as steam rises

eager guests await

Chèvre Feuille from Carpe Diem invites you to join him in creating your own Haiku poem about tea.


Ode to my Pine

…..first you see it, well what’s left of it


…..and then little by little over the next four hours it starts to come down

20140618_094249 20140618_104637

….until nothing is left but a bit of saw dust

photo 2-196….and now my view has completely changed

photo 1-198 Thirty five years ago

you were barely three feet high

You grew wide and tall

Your lower branches spread across the lawn

and encroached on the neighbour’s roof

trimming was a necessity but you continued to grow

until you shot above our two story house

You were home to birds, squirrels and racoons

You provided shade and nourished the soil

I cursed your shedding needles but

you always stayed green season after season

Your demise was swift, we barely saw it coming

Sun shines where before you provided shade

and our view is forever changed

Farewell dear tree