Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge

….this week’s words from Ronovan are style and fresh

The Bitter Truth

Her own reflection

confirmed her need for a fresh

up-to-date hair style


But what style would bring

a smile to her aging face?

A fresh youthful look?


Or does one forgo

the fresh style of youth for a

short practical cut?


Does a modern style

mock her attempt to slow down,

to look fresh again?





Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #78

….this week Ronovan’s prompts are Vast and Clear(Clarity)

Angel Cards

The vast pile of cards

called out my path for the year:

seeking clarity


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Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #63 – Stag and Noise

….this week’s prompts from Ronovan Writes are stag and noise

The Young Groom’s Dilemma 

Noises from within

Hammered against his temples

Last night’s stag replayed


The stag raised his head

declaring his win loudly

His noise heard for miles

Haiku Prompt Challenge #48 – ‘Inspire and Loss’

….thank you Ronovan for this week’s words, inspire and loss

This week’s prompts immediately brought to mind Noah Galloway, an Iraq war veteran who was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Despite being a double amputee he persevered week after week and went all the way to the finals and placed third. The words ‘inspiration and loss’ came up every week after he performed.

Dancing With  the Stars

The loss of one arm

and dancing with one leg

Inspired us to vote


Bravely baring all

His spirit to dance inspires

His loss, matters not

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