Thursday Trios – Sorry for the Delay

away last week and working like crazy this week to get the house ready for my big 70 birthday

I wanted to post something a little different for Thursday Trios this week but I’m physically exhausted. This is the best I could come up with. Hopefully you’re having more luck finding trios this week. I need your inspiration. Please share.

My favourite trio in London enjoying a day at the beach
A trio of holes
A trio of milkweed pods

If you’d like me to comment on your trios please copy the link from this post and copy it into your own post. I’ll get a pingback and after the weekend, if not sooner, I’ll get back to you.

Thursday Trios – Random Trios From Our Vacation

….scrolling through my photos I discovered there were a few trios that I had forgotten about

A happy trio from the top of the Royal Amboise Chateau
A trio of actors at the Royal Amboise Chateau
A trio of rocks from the Stonehenge Exhibition at the British Museum
A trio of soldiers on the War Memorial near St. Paul’s Cathedral

If you have any trios you’d like to share just copy my link from this post and paste it into your post. I’ll get a ping back and I’ll be sure to leave a comment. Have fun.