Thursday Trios – Sorry for the Delay

away last week and working like crazy this week to get the house ready for my big 70 birthday

I wanted to post something a little different for Thursday Trios this week but I’m physically exhausted. This is the best I could come up with. Hopefully you’re having more luck finding trios this week. I need your inspiration. Please share.

My favourite trio in London enjoying a day at the beach
A trio of holes
A trio of milkweed pods

If you’d like me to comment on your trios please copy the link from this post and copy it into your own post. I’ll get a pingback and after the weekend, if not sooner, I’ll get back to you.

22 thoughts on “Thursday Trios – Sorry for the Delay

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  6. Happy 70th to you. You’ve almost caught up with me. I have a birthday in November and go one more step up the ladder. I don’t feel 70 either, but the mirror tells me that I am and tells me to shut up about my age so people don’t have to guess and try 80 out for size. I had people guessing me 70 when I was in my 50s. How sad is that?

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