Sunday Trees – The Guelph Arboretum

….after this trip to the Arboretum I’ll have lots of future posts

Looking at it from the inside after climbing through the outer branches….even the sign was hidden

Sunday Outside My Back Door – Oct 24, 2021

….thanks to Celia for hosting this weekly video prompt

Looking outside my back door on Sunday morning. I will be doing this every Sunday for awhile. It will be interesting to see the changes over the next few months.

I decided against filming outside my front door because the view is often obstructed by the parked cars and the sun rises on the back side of the house. If I get up early enough I might be able to catch a sunrise.

Photographing Public Art Challenge – #19

thanks to Cee for hosting PPAC this week

On a trip today to Guelph we ventured over to the Arboretum. It was just underway when I went to school there, some 50 years ago so many of the trees are now very mature. The colours were beautiful but to my surprise there were numerous and interesting statues and sculptures on the grounds. Here are just a few.