Photographing Public Art Challenge – #19

thanks to Cee for hosting PPAC this week

On a trip today to Guelph we ventured over to the Arboretum. It was just underway when I went to school there, some 50 years ago so many of the trees are now very mature. The colours were beautiful but to my surprise there were numerous and interesting statues and sculptures on the grounds. Here are just a few.


20 thoughts on “Photographing Public Art Challenge – #19

      • I think I will get strange when my husband dies, too. When I lost my first husband, I was so alone. Vince and I married when I’d been widowed less than a year. I think I was a project for him. Little did he know I wouldn’t stay a project forever! πŸ™‚ LOL

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      • Oh Marsha, I’m glad Vince came along for you when he did but I’m sure you raised some eyebrows when you married so soon. My Dad’s friends were very upset with him when he moved in with his second wife, less than two years after my mother died but it was probably more that he moved in one week after meeting her and then he put a ring on her finger one month later. They were together for 22 years before he was widowed again. πŸ™‚

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      • I may have gotten a few raised eyebrows, but I had no children, no family in the area, and my husband had been disabled for our entire 20-year marriage. My best friend, an attorney, interviewed Vince. Her husband a county sheriff ran a background check. My mom made me take a trip to southern California to meet as many of his relatives as I could and many of them, and his mother (who flew out from NY) attended the wedding. I made him ask a former pastor, and my mom’s best friend for permission to marry me and he and his family came down from Washington to perform the wedding. Three of his grandchildren were in the wedding. We had the wedding in the church which my first husband had pastored, so most of the congregation attended. His father called me and welcomed me to the family on our wedding day. So the only people that mattered were covered. I don’t remember anyone saying anything to my face except that they were happy for me. I was very blessed and still am. πŸ™‚

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      • I forgot my girlfriend from Oregon who was in the church where my first husband was an associate. She came down to meet Vince and went to Sacramento with me to buy my wedding dress. It was an amazing time for me. Friends have always been so important in my life.

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