Six Deliveries in a Week

….my neighbours must have been wondering why the UPS and Canada Post trucks were stopping in my front of my home so often in such a short space of time

No it wasn’t because it was Christmas or someone’s birthday. I’ve decided to make more purchases through Amazon because the prices are good and shipping is free. Well it’s free for both my husband and me because we took advantage of the free Prime delivery service but forgot to cancel it after one month and now we’re paying for it. So it isn’t exactly free but we need to take advantage of the service or we will be paying for nothing. One of the advantages to having Prime is that we also get Prime TV shows and we’ve seen some good series and movies.

Anyway some of things that I’ve ordered are books and art supplies. A lot of these things were ordered on the same day but the delivery dates were random. One item I received within 12 hours and some took longer because the seller couldn’t guarantee faster service but I knew this when I ordered them. Everything arrived in pristine condition and was exactly as I expected. I’m one happy customer.


Too Windy

…..too windy for what?

Too windy to take photos of flowers

Too windy to walk safely on the street due to falling branches and roofing tiles

Too windy to sit by the lake (too much spray coming up from the waves)

Too windy to clean the yard

Too windy to eat outside (too much debris blowing around)

Too windy to sit on the deck and converse (the wind is so loud)

Too windy to sit at the computer too long in case of another power outage