Mythical Beast and Spooky Tree

…days 98 and 99 of the 365 Days of Art

Over the last two days I’ve gone back to my 500 Daily Drawing Prompts journal to create two more sketches. The first one I did was the spooky tree which was fun to do but I feel like I relied too heavily on an image I found on Google. The second sketch, the mythical beast, was my own creation. I did search the web for some ideas and came up with this flying serpent.IMG_2207

Playing With Complementary Colours

….day 97 of 365 Days of Art

A couple of days ago I was watching a video on YouTube on how complementary colours ‘vibrate’ when placed next to each other. Jean Lurssen does a series of watercolour videos with exercises that help the painter loosen up and experiment with a number of different techniques. Check her out.


One Hot Mess

….day 96 of 365 days of art

Not everything that I paint or draw will be pretty. In this piece I finally got back to playing with ink and watercolour and experimenting with how they interact. You can see that I got a little carried away but I wanted you to see that I haven’t given up on my personal art challenge.IMG_2205

Thursday Doors – May 24, 2018

….Montgomery’s Inn

At the intersection of Dundas and Islington in the west end of Toronto sits the heritage site of Montgomery’s Inn. The inn was built in 1830 by Thomas and Margaret Montgomery, both immigrants from Ireland. It served as a meeting place for the community and a place for travellers to rest and enjoy a drink and a meal. The original property covered 400 acres of land and was used primarily for farming.

Today the building has been restored and serves as a historical museum and hosts various groups and exhibitions. Momentarily the building is undergoing more restoration but remains open to the public. For more information about the history go here.IMG_1991

Thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors