WPC – Smile

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Today we woke up to grey skies and soon after it started to snow. Later in the afternoon the sun came out but it was short lived as a north west wind blew through bringing with it a blustery storm. I couldn’t believe how quickly the weather changed.

This is the view from our daughter’s house in Hamilton.


Fortunately the blizzard only lasted about 10 minutes and once again the sun came out and so did my smile. Here are a few shots of blue sky, the sun and a trumpet of swans that reappeared when the weather changed. All things that bring a smile to my face after this long weird winter and quirky start to spring.


First Day of March Break

…..even though this is a PA day without pay it couldn’t come soon enough

The sun is shining, the temperature is warmer, I didn’t have to get up at 6:30, my husband made me a perfect omelet and I got out for a long walk with the dog and K this morning. Heavenly!

I leave for Calgary next week so I was hoping to get my hair cut before I go but when I phoned to make an appointment my regular hairdresser, who I haven’t seen in months, was booked solid until next Friday. Boo hoo! I’ve been going to a young woman just up the street and even though she does a pretty good job, the last time I went I wasn’t 100% satisfied. Well it must be my lucky day because the salon called back and told me that D had a cancellation. Yahoo!

Driving into town in the middle of the afternoon wasn’t bad and finding a place to park was relatively easy. I think a lot of people have already left town for March Break vacations. It was great to see D again. She was off for awhile planning her wedding and going on her honeymoon and that’s why I went elsewhere for a couple of cuts. The salon by the way is Brennan DeMelo on Adelaide St., if you’re interested.

As soon as D saw me see she knew exactly what I needed and could see why I wasn’t that happy with the last cut. The big news in her life is that soon after her wedding she got pregnant. She planned it that way just in case it took awhile to get pregnant.  Well I guess it didn’t and she looks like she’s having twins, although the ultrasound showed only one baby. Her baby is due on August 28th which just so happens to be my birthday.

I’m happy for her but I was wondering if I was going to have to look for a new hairdresser when the baby is born but she assured me that she was coming back, even if it is only a few hours a week. I’ll really have to book in advance. I love my new haircut. It’s a bit shorter than the last cut. To fix the problem D had to cut more away but I don’t mind. I think the new cut looks great.


What’s next on the agenda. I’m not sure. We’re thinking about going to the movies tonight and tomorrow we’re hoping to go to the museum (ROM) and Sunday looks like a good day to check out the AGO (art gallery). The one thing I am sure about, though is going for long walks every morning as long as this nice weather holds out.

January 2013 Photo a Day – Sun

….. whether the sun is out in full force, or hiding behind the clouds today – take a photo of it. Or you could get creative and take a photo of sunlight or some other interpretation

The sun hasn’t been out in days. Had to go to my photo files for this challenge.

ImageThe late afternoon sun shining on the vineyardImage

A ray of morning sun on the lake.ImageThe sunset at my daughter’s wedding.

ImageSunset at Christian Island.

ImageSunset at the marina.

ImageFor more sun photos check out http://www.nolagirlatheart.wordpress.com