Fun Fair and Baby Time

….a busy three days, part 2

Last Saturday, the parent council at my school hosted the long awaited Fun Fair. For the cost of a wrist band the students enjoy an abundance of fun activities for four hours. There were inflatables, a dunk tank, face painting, games of chance with prizes, cotton candy, popcorn, a cake walk, a photo booth, video games, planting stations, video games, candy kabobs, fire trucks and police cars to explore, music, a silent auction and so much more.

I was suppose to go in the dunk tank but the water was too cold for me and I had been promised warmish water. I was hoping that as the day progressed the water would have warmed up but because the hose runs continuously it never really changes temperature. No one really seemed to notice that I bowed out. The grade 5s gladly took over my time slot and took turns all day sitting in the tank waiting to be dunked.

I did volunteer to man one of the inflatables for an hour with one other parent. There was a steady stream of children climbing up the steep ladder and coming down the equally steep slides. I was surprised that some parents allowed their ‘babies’ to go on this apparatus. Their little legs couldn’t get up the ladder very quickly and they slowed down the momentum of the ride. A couple of times we (actually the other mom) had to go up the ladder and bring the children down.

One of the highlights for me was the silent auction. This year every class painted a ceramic plate or teapot which were professionally fired. They were all beautiful  and every item was bid on.

There were lots of other items to bid on and I ended up with a beautiful pot of flowering plants, a set of necklaces, a floral print with cards and a gift certificate for a haircut. I donated two of my paintings and my friend L and I offered a ‘Tea’ for up to 4 students. The last item went for over $100.00.

All in all it was a very successful fun fair. Here are a few more shots of some of the many activities that took place that day.

When the silent auction closed, I gathered up my merchandise and headed home where our daughter and granddaughter were waiting for me but more of that in the next post.

Cheers for now!


Fun at the Fun Fair and My Seven Minutes of Fame

….every year the parent council at our school hosts a Fun Fair for the children and the community

The big difference this year was that I was asked to help promote the sale of wristbands by agreeing to be dunked in the dunk tank if sales reached a certain level before the actual Fun Fair. Well, apparently a record number of wristbands were sold so I was destined to ‘go down’.

This year a photographer from the local community paper showed up and wanted to photograph me and some of the other fun activities that were taking place that day. I wasn’t too concerned about appearing in the paper because from past experiences I know that many photos are never used and sometimes no photos are used to cover a story.

The Fun Fair took place on Saturday, May 30th and I was literally in the dunk tank for only seven minutes. IMG_4918 IMG_4923 IMG_4924When all was said and done I actually enjoyed the experience and didn’t think twice about the photographer who took photos of me. The ones on this page were taken by one of the parents on my iPhone.

On Thursday, as I was leaving the school, MP ran over to me to tell me that she just got a call telling her that my photo had appeared in the paper. I heard from two more people later that evening that they saw my picture. Unfortunately I don’t get that paper in my neighbourhood so I’m hoping the someone will send it to me.

As for the rest of the Fun Fair, everyone seemed to have a great time. The weather cooperated for most of the day. Towards the end the heavens did open but the fair was coming to a close anyway and people moved to the indoors where more activities were taking place. It looks like the fair was a huge success and even though it’s not meant to raise a lot of money, a lot of money was raised.

Share Your World 2015 – Week 22

…..Cee has asked us to complete the following sentences

Cee came up with a another way of doing Share Your World for this week. Finish these four sentences. You can be talk about yourself or be creative and write a piece of fiction. It’s up to you. Have some fun.

Complete this sentence: Never In My Life Have I….ever wanted to sky dive, bungee jump or do anything remotely dangerous.

Is this dangerous?

Is this dangerous?

Complete this sentence: My neighbour wants me to help her…..celebrate her retirement in a couple of weeks. I love parties and I hope to get there. It will probably be outside in her beautiful garden as long as the weather co-operates.

Complete this sentence: When I was little I wanted…I always wanted to sing and perform on stage. The only problem was that I had terrible stage fright and very low self esteem. I did sing in the school choir and later I joined a German choir that I sang with for 27 years but I never performed solo.

Complete this sentence: Will you come here to…share in a meal? My husband is a great cook and I need an excuse to clean my house from top to bottom.

Tonights dinner. Yum!

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week I’m grateful for a successful Forest of Reading celebration, raising over $6000. for Jump Rope for Heart and for participating in the dunk tank at our annual Fun Fair and surviving to tell you about it. After the first dunk I actually enjoyed it. It was a very hot humid day and I certainly felt refreshed after being dunked three times. I would have done it more often but there was a schedule that had to be maintained so that all the grade 5s who signed up could have a turn.

This week I’m looking forward to gathering up the final pledge envelopes for Jump Rope for Heart and figuring out what our total contributions will be. I’m also looking forward to getting my marks done for the report cards, organizing the library before the summer break in three weeks and hosting treat day this week.

The thing I’m most looking forward to is a visit from my sister who lives in Calgary. She and her husband are flying in on Friday and will be visiting with my dad and then spending Saturday evening and Sunday morning with us. Short but sweet. I guess this will be my excuse to get the house in ship shape.

Fun, Fun, Fun

….last week’s Fun Fair was a huge success and of course a lot of fun

Last Saturday our school council hosted the school’s 15th annual Fun Fair. Over 500 wrist bands were sold which allowed the children unlimited access to the rides and carnival games. Hundreds of cakes were donated for the popular Cake Walk and this year the silent auction was brought back. Each class made an art object that was auctioned off and numerous businesses in the community donated products and services for the auction as well. It was a huge success.

The day was perfect. The weather cooperated. Parents and high school students volunteered their time to run events. Injuries were minor, a few scrapes that were quickly treated with bandaids. Music was provided by our OA and her husband. The police and fire department let the kids sit in the police car and the fire truck. At least this year the truck wasn’t called away in the middle of the fair. Dads manned the barbecues and the food was delicious.

The fair was easily attended by at least 1000 people. For every child at least one parent or significant adult accompanied them. Teachers came to show support and every year former students return. It’s always nice when they greet you and are sincerely happy to see you again. It was truly a day of fun, fun, fun……..

Two Down and One Big One to Go

…..paintings that is

Today the grade 5 students in my art class managed to finish painting all the circles and background of their art project for the silent auction. After school I started putting a second coat on some of the areas that needed it. Tomorrow I’ll pull a few more students out of class to go over the background one more time and then I’ll redraw the black lines around and inside the circles.


The two canvases that the one grade three class designed and painted had the finishing touch ups done today. Tomorrow I’ll have all the students sign the back of the canvases and they will be good to go. The first one actually has a grey background. I’m not sure why the colour looks so beige.




A Day of Fun

….at the school’s Fun Fair

It didn’t look good …..the forecast that is. The weather station called for rain, thunder and lightning. The parents had worked for months to make the day perfect for the kids. Now it looked like everything might have to be moved inside.

It did rain early in the morning but the sun gods were on our side and a couple of hours before the fair was to start the skies cleared and the everything went forward as planned. I promised my principal that I would go to the fair to keep her company and support the community. I actually love going to the Fun Fair. A lot of former students come back to the fair and it’s great catching up with them and seeing how much they have grown.

One of the highlights at the fair is the dunk tank. Every year our principal volunteers to sit in the tank and lets the kids try to dunk her. This year our gym teacher also volunteered. The kids love it and in grade 5 they are allowed to sit in the tank as well.

Another popular activity is the Cake Walk. Hundreds of cakes are donated. Everyone stands in line to do the cake walk. Ten participants at a time walk around the room to music and when the music stops everyone stops on a number. If your number is drawn you win a cake. For some reason my principal thinks I’m lucky and I had to play the game 14 times before I won her cake.

In the meantime M, my principal tried the Cake Walk and won on her first try. One of the kids also gave her one of the cakes that they won so in the end she let me keep the cake that I won.

The fire department and the police department come by with their trucks and cruisers and let the kids sit inside their vehicles. Just as I was taking pictures of the kids around the fire truck the department got a call and had to leave in a hurry. They quickly got the kids out of the truck and put on their fire fighting gear. It was interesting how the boots and pants are stored on the truck so that when they step into the boots the pants are ready to be pulled up efficiently.

Other activities included the bouncy castle, inflatable slides, free cotton candy and sno cones, making candy skewers and decorating pots with a tomato plant to give to Dad on Father’s day. There was face painting, wheels of fortune, fish ponds and hockey. BBQs were set up with hamburgers, hot dogs and corn being professionally grilled.

Congratulations to all the parent organizers and the hundreds of volunteers for pulling off an amazing event. Everyone present had a great time and the kids will remember and cherish these memories for the rest of their lives.