Photographing Public Art Challenge – #18

….thanks to Marsha for hosting PPAC

I know that Marsha expects the art we post to be outside but I figure if the gallery is open to the public and is free to the public then maybe it’s okay to post under this challenge. Back in September the Women’s Art Association of Canada hosted a show for new member like me to display their work.

One of the pieces that impressed me was an installation piece that had to be assembled and then disassembled at the end of the show. The artist took pieces of her grandmother’s couch and other items from her home to create this piece.


Circles in Art from the Past – October 18, 2021

….thanks to Becky B for hosting Past Squares

My first attempt at abstract, many years ago, involved circles and it seems to be a shape I keep coming back to.


Favourite Roof Tops from the Past – October 17, 2021

….thanks to Becky B for hosting Past Squares,

Two iconic roof tops in Toronto are both on museums. The first one is an addition to the oldest museum in the city, the ROM and the second one is on one of Toronto’s newest museums, the Aga Khan Museum.