365 Days of Art – Colour Plunge

…..day 34 and challenge #5 from The Collage Workbook

This week (I’ve finally caught up) Randel Plowman asks us to choose a colour and make a monochromatic collage using various shade of that colour. I’ve made two. The first one is mostly reds and the second one contains a variety of pinks. I’ve already starting using my art papers that I made yesterday. Check out Evelyn Flint’s colour plunge. They’re amazing.


365 Days of Art – Text Pages

…..day 33

Today’s class with Carla Sonheim was to create art papers using text. I enjoyed this process. I used watercolour paper and a variety of pens and ink to create these papers. I found a couple of poems in my Roald Dahl Treasury and I copied them onto some of the sheets. The idea is to fill the paper with words and try not to leave too much white space. I plan to use some of these in my next collage assignment.