Birthday, Brunch, Books and Best Buys

…..Dec.30 is the birthday of my twins, G and B

Today we celebrated a birthday. Thirty-three years ago I gave birth to two healthy children, a girl and a boy. We celebrated at G’s place where she treated us to a wonderful brunch of homemade bread, homemade ricotta cheese, jams, honey, coffee, fresh fruit salad, kale and goat cheese frittata and a delicious green salad. Everyone contributed to the meal but the bulk of the work was prepared by G.

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Gifts were exchanged earlier in the day and then again at the brunch. Our son loves books and our daughter collects cookbooks. Yesterday G ordered B a very special cookbook that he had expressed an interest in and surprisingly it was delivered while we were there. Now that’s service!

IMG_3621 IMG_3622

After brunch we (our oldest daughter, our son and his fiancé) drove north on Yonge St. and   stopped at Super Khorak to purchase some special food items for dinner. Our future daughter-in-law is Iranian and we wanted to purchase some authentic Iranian food. My son and my husband literally cleaned their bowls and the food containers with the flat Iranian bread that we bought. There wasn’t a morsel of food left over. It was definitely a ‘best buy’ today.

9 thoughts on “Birthday, Brunch, Books and Best Buys

  1. Hi Carol, double happy birthday wishes to your kids! You have lovely kids, everything looks perfect, but I need the recipe for the goat cheese frittata, I could eat both of them now! Have a great new year! I’m very happy to have met you in this virtual world.


      • I’m relieved to hear that…not sure why, but I am. It might be interesting to ask, if you think it’s a question to ask your daughter-in-law-to-be, what they taste like. I can’t imagine eating lamb feet (not after seeing what they plough through in the fields here), but lamb testicles seems even more bizarre, though I suspect they may be viewed as having some kind of aphrodisiac qualities. Might be useful to know!!!


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