Starting With a Doodle

….day 2 of Sketchbook Revival

Today in Karen Abend’s Sketchbook Revival class we were introduced to Mary Beth Shaw who is a journal artist. She took us from a doodle sketch done in pencil to an abstract spread using collage, ink and acrylic paint. It was a fun process and a great way to start a painting when you have no idea what you want to paint. Here is my day’s artistic endeavour.1-C8-D15-F7-B8-F0-45-AA-B615-CEF2-DCED08-D4-1-201-a

Pattern and Mark Making

…using 12 unconventional tools

Lesson two in Carla Sonheim’s class, Crazy Flowers 2, we had to come up with 12 tools that you would not normally use in painting and use both ends of the tool to create interesting marks. Here are my 12 tools.fullsizeoutput-7b09

Then we had to create a pattern on a large sheet of watercolour paper using all 12 tools. Since both sides are being used you should end up with 24 different marks on the paper. As you can see the paper became very busy but now I have a reference for future assignments when I want to create an interesting mark for an abstract flower.fullsizeoutput-7b08

Time to Choose

….it’s time to choose one of my sketches and paint it onto a large canvas

I’ve enjoyed my on-line course with Karine Swensen and Carla Sonheim but now it’s time to get serious and paint large. I can use my charcoal sketches or my watercolour sketches for inspiration or try something completely different. I can also use them as a starting point and move in a different direction once I get started. It’s getting started that’s difficult. I want to try my earth friendly oil paints that I purchased last year but I’ve never worked with oil before. It’s a bit intimidating.

I made a couple more watercolour sketches after I posted the last ones, Abstraction Using Watercolour, but I’ve also been toying with the idea of taking one of my Charcoal Sketches and using one of them as a starting point. Here are my latest two watercolour sketches. Any suggestions? My husband refused to commit or comment about any of them. Go figure!.

photo 1-80 photo 2-85

Abstraction Using Watercolour

….lesson 2 with Karina Swensen

Today’s lesson used the same technique as the charcoal drawings but the medium was watercolour, gauche or acrylic paint. I used watercolour and did about 10 samples. It was fun and somewhat challenging. I certainly didn’t like all the pieces that I did but I chose 5 to share with you. I may try a few more because in the next lesson I have to choose one of the designs from the first two lessons and make one large painting from it. Choosing one will be difficult. Do you have a favourite?ImageImageImageImageImagee