Snow, Snow and More Snow

it’s been quite the year for accumulations of snow

After a couple of warmer days much of the snow has melted but there are still snow banks at the edges of peoples driveways and unmelted snow in the parks. We’ve been having this thaw, freeze, thaw cycle of weather for the last month and in between we’ve been getting more snow. For the rest of the week and into next week there are at least four days of snow forecast. Here are some of the days right after a night of gently falling snow.


April 14th, 2020 and It’s Snowing

….reminds me of the story my mother used to tell of how she remembers snow on her birthday

I have a memory, as a little girl, of huge snowfalls in early April and when I was at university we experienced some serious ice storms in April.  My sister who lives in Calgary, Alberta experienced some major snowfalls over Easter and I’ve seen photos of friends from the west coast and the mid-west who are covered with the white stuff.  The only good thing about snow in April is that it doesn’t tend to stay around long. My mother’s birthday by the way was on April 18th.

The white stuff that is blowing around right now but probably won’t even stay on the ground but it does come as a bit of a shock when you’ve had a relatively snow free winter.

Snow clouds7-D856-E5-C-4-DB8-4-E08-98-FE-AD15-B3-AB5-A7-F

I didn’t get the camera in time to catch the mini blizzard we had and it really didn’t amount to very much. Today it is sunny and not a speck of snow anywhere.