Portraits of Two Fine Gentlemen

…..days 136 and 137 of 365 Days of Art

Yesterday I posted some portraits of older men that I found photos of on the internet. Two of my followers, Ivor and Derrick, made some nice comments about my work so I decided to try and draw them. I hope they won’t be offended at my attempts.

I found a photo on Ivor’s site Ivor.Plumber/Poet which I attempted to draw. The glasses were a bit tricky because there was a glare on them and I drew them slightly off kilter.fullsizeoutput_7064

Derrick’s photo came from his profile picture. Sorry Jackie I left you out of the drawing. Check out the countryside where Derrick lives.


Old Men – Part One

….days 129 to 135 of 365 Days of Art

I love the lines and facial hair in old men. They’re so much fun to draw. Last week Carla Sonheim asked us to draw numerous portraits of people. We could choose any subjects that we wanted so I searched the internet for photos of interesting older men.

We were to select a variety of papers to draw on and use black markers and liquid ink. I tried making my drawings using the blind contour method but I found myself looking more and more at my drawing.

Once we created a variety of portraits we had to place them on a larger piece of paper and decide how to arrange them and which ones to use. The first shot has all seven portraits and the next one has one less. Which one do you prefer?


Not sure what part two involves. I may make my final decision when I find out where this project is going.