365 Days of Art – Day 6

…..today’s prompt was Blind Fruited

Carla Sonheim always comes up with interesting assignments. Instead of drawing a piece of fruit without looking at the paper (blind contour drawing), Carla wanted the fruit to be blindfolded. Here’s my blind apple. Enjoy!


Oops, I dated this incorrectly. He should be Jan 6, 2018. I changed it on the original.


365 Days of Art – Day 5 Threading Lightly

….this comes from the first prompt of the new year long course that I am taking with Carla Sonheim

Threading lightly is a technique where you run cotton thread through wet watercolour and randomly lay it onto paper and press it with a brayer. We could leave it as an abstract piece or look for a shape within. I decided to find a shape and discovered this quirky duck. Tomorrow or later in the week I’m going to try this technique with ink and perhaps try a landscape.