365 Days of Art – Landscape on Yupo Paper

….day 8 of my year-long challenge

With this piece I tried to direct the thread to create a landscape. Tricky! I used acrylic inks again for the threading and watercolour to fill in the spaces. When you work on yupo paper you have little control over how the paint dries but then that’s one of the reasons why I like to work with it. This piece is also 9″ x 12″.


365 Days of Art – Day 7

….I’m a day behind because my new computer was uploading 23 000 photos from the cloud

I’ve continued with the theme ‘threading lightly’ from Carla Sonheim’s year-long class. For this abstract piece I used yupo paper and inks for threading. I love the acrylic inks because they are so vibrant. I filled the spaces with watercolour. The piece is 9″x 12″.


365 Days of Art – Day 5 Threading Lightly

….this comes from the first prompt of the new year long course that I am taking with Carla Sonheim

Threading lightly is a technique where you run cotton thread through wet watercolour and randomly lay it onto paper and press it with a brayer. We could leave it as an abstract piece or look for a shape within. I decided to find a shape and discovered this quirky duck. Tomorrow or later in the week I’m going to try this technique with ink and perhaps try a landscape.