One Lonely Monarch

…..Monarch butterfly that is

While on my walk this afternoon I came across this lone butterfly. In the summer I couldn’t get a photo of a butterfly because they didn’t sit long enough. They flitted from one flower to another before I could adjust my focus. I’m not sure what the destiny for this little fellow will be, seeing that most of the Monarchs have already headed south.


November Words – Fun-Loving

….thanks to Lost in Translation for hosting November Words



  1. (of a person) light-hearted and lively:
    “he was known as a fun-loving, easy-going family man”
    synonyms:cheerful · happy · cheery · good-humored · jovial · merry · sunny · joyful · joyous · lighthearted · in high spirits · bubbly · exuberant · ebullient · gleeful ·