November Words – Ear-Marked

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earmarked (past tense) · earmarked (past participle)
  1. designate (something, typically funds or resources) for a particular purpose:
    “the new money will be earmarked for cancer research”

    synonyms: set aside · keep (back) · reserve · designate · assign ·

  2. mark the ear of (an animal) as a sign of ownership or identity.

The Mighty Charles

….Charles is a wild born western lowland gorilla who resides at the Toronto Zoo

Charles turned 45 this fall and has sired 15 offspring while living at the Toronto Zoo. He came to Toronto in 1974 when he was only 2 years old. In the 90s he created quite an uproar because he wouldn’t interact with offspring that weren’t his own and wouldn’t allow the prodigy from other gorilla groups to socialize.

In order to allow the others to interact Charles was sent away for a brief period of time each day in solitude. In an effort to keep Charles contented during these intervals away from his harem, he was given access to large sheets of paper and non-toxic coloured paints. His painting were sold for $400 to $1000 a piece and the money raised ($37 000.00) was used for a new gorilla exhibit. Check the link below to see some of his work.

Charles the Painter

On our visit Charles rested comfortably at the base of the enclosure looking over his harem and the other families. He is clearly the dominant male there. The other large silver back males have to be kept away from him. When his own male offspring reach maturity they have to be sent away so that father and son don’t fight each other for control of the harem.

As Charles watches the females guard their offspring and the young ones climb and play with each other.P1050110P1050109P1050106P1050105

Thursday’s Special – Words in November

…thanks to  Lost in Translation for Words in November

This week’s words for November are: fun-loving, dormant, influential, salubrious, ear-marked




  1. (of an animal) having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time; in or as if in a deep sleep:
    “dormant butterflies” ·

    synonyms: asleep · sleeping · resting · inactive · passive · inert · latent · quiescent