WPC – Quest: Vatican City

….while in Rome my quest was to get to Vatican City

There were many things that I wanted to see on our trip throughout central Italy but one that stood out for me was Vatican City. I’m not sure why it was so important to me because I am not particularly religious. Perhaps it had to do with the numerous suggestions that I got before flying out to Italy. Almost everyone said I had to see Vatican City. On our last day in Rome and the day before we were to leave I was bound and determined to see it.

My son and his new bride were in Rome the same time we were there and he very much wanted to spend time with his family before we departed. He was willing to do anything and go anywhere I wanted. Seeing that no one else was up to another site seeing day, it was just me who met up with my son.

I ventured onto the tram by myself and met B, before the tram crossed the river into the busy metropolis of Rome. We walked to our destination in the hot sun, stopping for a snack and then later for a light lunch just outside of Vatican City. As we approached the city I was impressed by the sheer size of it. We had already passed over the bridge leading up to the castle that protected the Pope from invaders during Napoleon’s reign.

As we got closer I could see the square in front of the Basilica. There were barriers to keep you from crossing the square and people were lined up along the perimeter. The one thing that bothered me were the hordes of vendors trying to sell tours and selfie sticks. I don’t know how many times I said no, politely at first, but then more abruptly and tersely. At one point my son said ‘Don’t talk to me!’ to one of the vendors and an argument pursued. Well actually the tour guide salesman started yelling at my son, telling him he was rude. My son simply walked away, a little shaken up by the reaction he got from the statement he made.

At one point I told my son I was happy just seeing the outside of the Basilica and the square and that I didn’t need to stand in line to go inside. B, however, insisted that I had to see the paintings and sculptures in the church. He convinced me, with the help of his wife, now on the phone, that I should go inside. He asked if I minded going in alone because he had already seen it and he hated standing line as much as his father does. I told him I’d be okay and he waited outside, under a portico out of the sun.

The line-up for a security check took only about 15 minutes and then I walked to the entrance in no time flat. As I entered I was told I had to cover up because I had bare arms. Luckily I brought a scarf with me for that very purpose. My quest to see Vatican City had been achieved.

6 thoughts on “WPC – Quest: Vatican City

    • I have so many photos from my trip to Italy this summer. I’m happy when I can use them in a challenge. Going to the Vatican really was a quest. I wasn’t sure I was going to get there but thanks to my son, he made sure that it happened.

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