My Last Week at the Cottage

….a Pow Wow, a birthday dinner and a flea market

My last week at the cottage before we closed up for the season was very memorable. For one thing I spent four lovely days with my oldest daughter and my daughter-in-law. A and J are great cottage guests. They are so laid back yet very helpful. We all took turns cooking and they usually got the dishes done before I could get at them.

J had never been to a Pow Wow so I decided that it was an event everyone should experience at least once. I, myself hadn’t been in several years. I was glad I went. The venue for the Pow Wow had changed from the school yard to a more scenic setting next to one of the two lakes on the island. We got there in time to see the little ones dance. We walked around the perimeter of the outdoor stage and checked out the vendors  and their wares. We sampled some food, shared a giant lemonade and I bought a pair of moccasins for my granddaughter from Velma.

Velma is a long time resident of Christian Island and I have been going to her store for over 20 years. I always take my visitors to her so that they can see and buy her authentic indigenous crafts. She handcrafts the most beautiful sweetgrass boxes and hand stitches her moccasins. I bought a pair for myself almost 20 years ago and I still have them.

As we were leaving the Pow Wow I came across a booth where two lovely ladies were selling raffle tickets for more than 50 prices. I bought a sheet of tickets and two days later I got a phone call that I won a handmade cloth bag. More about my last four days at the cottage tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “My Last Week at the Cottage

    • Good question. We’re going through the hottest days of the summer right now. We usually don’t close up till October but this year the availability of the car barge is sketchy. Every year I always think I’ll go back up in September but then I get so busy with school that I rarely make it up. This year in October we have my father’s 90th birthday, my husband’s 65th, my son-in-law’s 40th and Winnie’s first birthday. Next year should be different because I have decided that this is my last year of teaching. I am definitely retiring in June.


      • With so many events can see why your cottage is being closed now. The island sounds very like a summer island, and your cottage not suited to the cold winter weather you often get. In Scotland, people with holiday homes try to use them year round – providing they live within fairly easy travelling distance, and providing the weather in winter doesn’t hinder travel. Once you retire you might have more time to spend there…or maybe not. Retired people often seem busier than they were when working, catching up on all the things they never had time for previously.

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      • I am hoping to spend more time up there in June and September once I retire. I have a retired friend whose up there now until October 15th. Our place isn’t winterized and the road going up to the cottage doesn’t get ploughed in the winter.


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