One Day Left

for my solo art show, The Joy of Making

It’s been a crazy two weeks and my show will be coming to an end on Saturday, May 13, 2023. I’ve loved every minute of it and thoroughly enjoyed speaking to my family, friends, fellow artists and total strangers who came to see the show. I’m sorry that I missed some of them because I couldn’t be there every day but I tried to get to the gallery if I knew someone was coming for a visit.

As of today, I sold 9 paintings, 81 photo cards and two rock weavings. Love those red dots. Yesterday I added two more paintings to the wall. I had every intention on adding one more painting when I put up the show but I ended up making two more. One is called Crazy Quilt, 8″x10″, framed mixed media and the larger one is called Nothing Goes to Waste, 11″x14″ framed, mixed media.


Love Those Red Dots


Update on My Solo Show – The Joy of Making

after a very successful opening reception

For some reason I have no photos of me at this show, unlike last year. More importantly though I have lots of photos of the actual room and how the art is displayed. Last week, on Tuesday, my husband and I made our way to the Womens’ Art of Canada building where two galleries are housed. I was in the smaller room, The Ruth Upjohn Gallery and in the larger gallery, Dignam Gallery, the Photography Show was being set up.

The actual hanging procedure of my art went reasonably well. The only thing left to do was have the labels made and placed next to the corresponding piece of art. Unfortunately the making of the labels was a bit more complicated than in previous years so the actual labels didn’t go up until the second day of the show. None the less, everything was ready to go for the opening reception on Saturday.

On the actual day, all my worries of driving there through the city and finding a parking spot were for naught. My neighbour, Mary, came with us and kindly volunteered to help set up the food and wine and serve during the show. She was a huge help.

The actual reception was hugely successful. More than 20 of my friends and family showed up and then the artists from the show next door and their guests made their way into my show throughout the day. The photography show was also part of the Scotia Bank Contact Show which had numerous venues throughout the city so there were a lot of people from the public who also attended the show.

At the end of the day I had sold seven paintings, two rock weavings and over 40 photo cards. The show runs till this Saturday so there may be a few more sales before all is said and done.


A Busy Weekend Starting With Canada Day

Friday, July 1st was Canada Day

Friday morning I started the day at the lawn bowling club where we had a fun time with a 4,3,2,1, game of lawn bowling. After a couple of hours we were treated to a BBQ of burgers, hotdogs and salads and of course cake. Everyone was instructed to wear red and white.


EB6697-A7-D76-F-4311-9-D04-4-EF8372-D86-DE AE9-A9-FA4-0838-4956-A851-8506-A1-DC4-AA5 7-E6-D82-E8-EA82-4-F84-BA60-58265620-AEA7 D3376-F57-7697-4-E75-989-D-CDB0888-BD4-DE D29-AAD91-EBC1-4-D33-92-BE-418472-EE61-BE-1-201-a BFC144-BF-FA4-A-4242-863-F-34-A4-A88-CC98-A

After lawn bowling I attended a garden bridge party with another BBQ after the game. Great company and great food. Thanks Mary.

On Saturday I went back down to the art gallery where my show is being held and I welcomed 15 more friends and family members to my exhibit. Another successful day with four more paintings being sold and lots of cards. I have one more week at the gallery starting tomorrow. Here are some of the paintings that have sold.

187-F6-E1-D-3-ECC-41-A7-8928-386175-DF117-D-1-201-a 49-ABC942-62-FD-4-FDD-AECD-1-C4-F274-E27-F4-1-201-a 9-DE21-E29-0831-43-BC-9-FFE-672-D3065-A139 EB02-A9-E4-0-D29-479-F-A5-FE-3-E44-F99-B4-BCB E5-F696-EA-EB7-E-4342-A38-D-572-EF72-A60-B5 5-ACA9-F9-B-A33-F-46-EA-8-DD1-2-F2707-D581-E4

On Sunday I went to visit a friend to pick up a book and we ended up having lunch together in her lovely backyard. I picked up some yarn from her to pursue a new hobby. I’m going to attempt to do some weaving to add to some of my new art projects. The rest of the weekend is pretty much a blur.

Plans for this week? Not sure but I am going to go back to the gallery on Wednesday with a friend who didn’t have a chance to get there earlier. I don’t need to be there for people to see the show but I’m happy to make the trip for anyone who’d like me to be there. Thanks to all who have already made the trek downtown to see my show. I loved seeing all of you.


At Last – My Opening was a Success

after months of work my show finally opened

Thanks to all who encouraged me to keep painting and then supported me with a visit to the gallery and/or messages of love. I couldn’t be happier.

Those little red stickers were the icing on the cake.

The first big piece that sold yesterday
The two pieces that made up this trio were sold
My curator, advertising designer and loving daughter
My wonderful daughter-in-law
My Biggest fan and supporter – love you to the moon and back