One Day Left

for my solo art show, The Joy of Making

It’s been a crazy two weeks and my show will be coming to an end on Saturday, May 13, 2023. I’ve loved every minute of it and thoroughly enjoyed speaking to my family, friends, fellow artists and total strangers who came to see the show. I’m sorry that I missed some of them because I couldn’t be there every day but I tried to get to the gallery if I knew someone was coming for a visit.

As of today, I sold 9 paintings, 81 photo cards and two rock weavings. Love those red dots. Yesterday I added two more paintings to the wall. I had every intention on adding one more painting when I put up the show but I ended up making two more. One is called Crazy Quilt, 8″x10″, framed mixed media and the larger one is called Nothing Goes to Waste, 11″x14″ framed, mixed media.


Love Those Red Dots


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