People Watching – A Fan of……#158

….thanks to Jez for hosting A Fan of……

I love seeing photos of people going about their normal day but I’ve always been intimidated about taking photos of strangers on the street. On the weekend when I was taking my camera for a walk I discreetly took shots of people enjoying the sunny and warm day.

Sun Bathing

Gesture – Pic and a Word Challenge

….thanks to Patrick Jennings from Pix to Words for hosting this week’s challenge

Contemplating on which way to walk.


Stealing a kiss beneath the rainbow

People Watching

….something I’d like to get better at

Not just watching people but taking pictures of people going about their normal lives. I’m somewhat hesitant to take pictures of strangers but I getting better at it. As for the quality of the photos, well that’s another issue. I’m not likely to try to get a shot more than once if the first one isn’t to my liking. I’ve tried cropping some but sometimes using the zoom on the iPhone doesn’t always produce the best quality photo.


A Word a Week Photography Challenge – Watch

Sue Llewellyn over at Word in Your Ear has challenged us again with the word ‘watch’. 

When I first saw the word I didn’t think of the verb but rather the noun. Seeing that I don’t have any pictures of watches I had to look for pictures of people, animals or things in the act of watching. I think you may find some of these amusing.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageFor more photos featuring the word watch head on over to Sue Llewellyn’s site.