Sunshine, Tulips, BLTs and Working Outdoors

…..a lot of things to be happy about today

I slept in this morning so I missed out on the walk/run with the dog. I’ve been getting to bed too late this week so sleeping in felt wonderful and I’m feeling completely refreshed. Now I just need to climb into bed earlier during the week so I can have that same feeling for the rest of the week.

This morning when I checked the blogs that I follow I came across one that completely inspired me for the rest of the day. Kate’s Creative Space from Great Britain posted some beautiful pictures of purchases she had made earlier in the day. Pictures of the freshly baked bread and the fresh cut flowers resonated with me and I had an immediate craving for a BLT sandwich. We had everything we needed, except the bread, so my husband (also craving a BLT) and I bundled up warmly, gathered up the shopping bag and walked  to the top of the street to our local shopping strip known as Lakeshore Village.

We picked up a nice freshly baked whole wheat bread from the Portuguese bakery and then made our way to the green grocer, just a few stores down from the bakery. We picked up a few vegetables and I treated myself to a couple bunches of tulips. The big difference between flowers here and flowers in Europe is the price. I think Kate mentioned that she paid 1 pound for a bunch of flowers compared to $5.00 for a bunch here.

When we got home I tried to arrange my purchases into an interesting grouping to photograph and I soon realized that there is a real skill needed to do this well. Kate is an expert at it and I need more practice and perhaps some lessons on how to do it properly. The shopping bag behind the food is one that I picked up yesterday at Winners. I couldn’t resist the picture of the Dachshund. It reminded me so much of Frances and the proceeds from the bag go the Canadian Women’s Foundation.



After doing my ‘photo shoot’ I started making the BLTs. Bacon, ripe red tomato slices, lettuce, toasted whole wheat bread and mayonnaise, topped with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Yum!!!!!! I made the classic one for my husband and on mine I reduced the mayonnaise and added soft ripe avocado in its place….my new favourite sandwich topping.

P1000929 P1000930 P1000931 P1000933 P1000934 P1000935After lunch I needed to get outside some more so I decided it was probably a good day to start cleaning the yard. It was definitely the sunniest  day we’ve had in awhile and after raking the grass and pulling weeds I didn’t feel the chill in the air. Call me crazy but I always get a feeling of satisfaction after I finish a chore and can see the fruits of my labour. It literally makes me happy.

A good start.

A good start.

The 'fruits of my labour".

The ‘fruits of my labour”.