Share Your World – Week 28

Have you ever been a participant in a parade? What did you do?

I’ve watched numerous parades in my lifetime but I can’t remember being in a parade as a child and I know that I’ve never participated in a parade as an adult.

If you were handed free opera tickets, would you go or sell them? Why?

I would go to the opera. I don’t have a lot of exposure with operas but I’d like to change that and if it’s free even better.

Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog to record some of my family memories to share with my children and friends but it quickly became a venue to plot my weight loss and an incentive to stay on track. It worked and I lost 32 pounds.

I also wrote up recipes and started taking photographs of my travels, cottage and experiences around Toronto. Over the last two years I’ve included my own personal art and art that my students produced. I’ve also dabbled in poetry and I love taking part in blogging challenges.

What is your favorite tradition? (family tradition, church tradition, whatever)

My favourite family tradition is celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve. Being German, I’ve always opened presents on Christmas Eve and when I got married my husband embraced that tradition. It worked out well for us because we would celebrate with my family on the 24th and then go to my husband’s family on the 25th.

Even when my husband’s parents passed away we continued to celebrate on Christmas Eve and the kids loved waiting up and then hiding when Santa arrived. It was always magical when we walked into the living room after Santa left and we were made to wait and take in the lit tree and the newly arrived presents under it.

Now that the kids have all grown up some of the traditions have changed slightly and the focus is on the food, drink and good company that we all share on that special night. It has become my husband’s favourite tradition as well. P1030984

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that Germany won over Argentina in the World Cup and I’m grateful that I was able to share the day with my husband, and  my daughter and her husband. Thanks to technology we were also able to communicate with our other daughter and our son in the Netherlands during and after the

This week I’m looking forward to spending some time at the cottage. I’ve been in the city helping my cousins deal with their very ill mother (my aunt) and I’ve been in and out of the hospital for the last six days. She’s still there but I’m only a phone call away.


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Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

…..I’ve become a huge fan of international soccer and the World Cup

I can’t believe how much soccer I’ve been watching. I chose five teams to support because of my family ties to some of these nations. My fifth choice was Iran because my future daughter-in-law is from there. In fourth place I supported Italy because my other daughter-in-law is half Italian and her other half is Argentinian so my third choice is obviously Argentina. My second favourite team is the Netherlands because that is where my son presently lives and my number one choice is Germany because that is where I was born.

Now on Canada Day you would think that I would be doing something ‘Canadian’ to celebrate our 147th birthday but I found myself with my husband at a bar watching the Belgium vs U.S.A. game. I have to admit that I was cheering for Belgium and only because of its proximity to the Netherlands. The Americans played a fantastic game and if you’re not a soccer fan after that game I’m afraid there’s no hope for you. It was very exciting, right down to the last few seconds.

On Saturday we went to my daughter’s place to watch the Germany vs Algeria game and it was a nail biter as well but in the end, in overtime, Germany won 2 to 1. Algeria surprised everyone with how well they played and the game almost went to a shoot out.


Before we went to the pub my husband watched the Argentina vs Switzerland game and Argentina also won in overtime. Now that leaves me with three teams to cheer for but if it comes down to Germany and one of my other teams I have to go with Germany. Sorry kids that’s just how it has to be.



Father’s Day – Part 2

…..honouring my husband with a little fun at a local pub

After spending lunch with my father yesterday, my husband and I drove back to Toronto and got ready to go out a second time. We made reservations to have dinner at a local pub and watch the Italy vs England game with our daughters.

We knew that the real action would be down in Little Italy but it would be next to impossible to get a table reserved unless we were willing to arrive four hours before the game. My husband is not keen about driving downtown or waiting for anything so we picked a pub closer to home. We knew that when we went there that we would probably be in the minority cheering on Italy in this part of Toronto.

We arrived 30 minutes before the game and the place was pretty empty but it started to fill up quickly. Luckily the table next to us was also filled with fans of the Azzuri but the rest of the place was clearly filled with English fans. Before the game started my husband opened up his Father’s Day gifts from me and his daughters. Unfortunately we couldn’t convince him to wear his Italian jersey. He said it was too small but when he tried it on this morning I thought it was fine. During the game J wore the shirt so that there was no doubt which team our table was cheering for.IMG_1807

The game itself was fantastic. So well played. No dives, dirty tricks or unfair calls. Yeah Italy! This afternoon I’ll be cheering for Argentina and tomorrow I’ll be wearing my Germany shirt and supporting my birth place.

Today has been a glorious day weather-wise. We’ve done a little gardening and our grass was cut and trimmed by D and his dad who will be coming all summer to keep our yard neat and tidy. Our son called from the Netherlands to wish his Dad a Happy Father’s Day and he spent some time speaking with me as well. Thanks B!