Lens-Artists Challenge – #53 – Your Choice

….thanks to Amy fromĀ The World is a Book for hosting the Lens-Artist Challenge

Congratulations to all the lens-artists who are celebrating their first birthday with this challenge. Amy has chosen connection as her theme.

My special connection takes place on the beach at Christian Island where the forces of nature never cease to amaze me. Every year the shoreline changes as the waves erode the plants when the water levels are high and when the levels are low we are blessed with a massive beach. This year the levels are high and the invading plants and trees have been washed away.IMG-2906

The Cheltenham Badlands

… actually created as a result of poor farming practices

I came across the ‘Badlands’ purely by accident a few years ago. It was a warm sunny weekend and the area was packed with visitors. When we went looking for it last week my husband and I had a hard time finding it. It’s not well advertised and probably for good reason.

Here is a video, created by Wolfmann that explains the history and layout of the land better than I could.

When my husband and I finally found the area the area was pretty muddy with red clay and there was still quite a bit of snow left on the ground. My photographs show a sightly different perspective of the Badlands than what you see in the video.


If you have a chance to see the Cheltenham Badlands, remember to respect this sensitive environment. There is no one there to keep you off the rolling hills, only signs of what you can and cannot do. It’s up to you, however, whether you choose follow these simple suggestions.