Water, Water Everywhere – Not What You Were Expecting

thanks to Jez for hosting Water, Water Everywhere https://jezbraithwaite.blog/2021/05/17/reflections-5-water-water-everywhere-78/

As I was sitting in the car and going through the carwash I decided to take photos from inside the car as the water and colourful soap blasted my front window.


This photo is clearly was not taken inside the carwash but it’s hard to imagine that it was taken today, on the icy shores of Lake Ontario and not on a beach in Brazil.

The kayakers, jet skiers, and boaters were also out today.

7 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere – Not What You Were Expecting

    • I’m sure they will at some point Alice but I’m not sure that it will be anytime too soon. The numbers in Ontario and Alberta are still high and we’re still in lockdown. Only 44% in Ontario have bee vaccinated and only 4% are fully vaccinated. We’re hoping that by August we’ll have had both shots.

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