30 Day at Home Challenge – Indoor Portrait Photography

….thanks to Leanne Cole for hosting the 30 Day at Home Challenge

On Day 5 we were asked to take indoor portrait photos. Seeing that I’m not seeing anyone these days and that my husband doesn’t like it when I take his photo I’ve gone into the archives of recent photos and found these. One is a selfie and the other is my granddaughter, who I miss very much.9-E1295-BD-AB54-4403-B3-AD-9-F359-CC1733-F-1-201-a

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Reimagine Orange

…thanks to Sandy from the Sandy Chronicles for hosting this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

I could look for ‘orange’ items or re-image some older photos to take on an orange hue. All these photos were orange to begin with with one exception. Can you guess which one was altered? They were all edited somewhat but one changed colour completely.