Thursday Doors – January 25, 2018

….thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors

On Wednesday of this week I went on a little road trip with my husband to Collingwood. He had an appointment with a client and he invited me come along to keep him company on the two hour drive there and then home again. It was a beautiful day and the drive was easy.

As we got further north the countryside was almost magical. It looked like they had a dusting of fresh snow that coated all the trees and the snow itself was still pristine white. Luckily the roads had been cleared and driving was pretty uneventful.

Collingwood is very much a tourist town, with cottagers in the summer and skiing in the winter. The population is only about 18 000. The Main Street is where most of the shopping and restaurants are but I’m sure that somewhere in Collingwood there are malls and box stores and fast-food restaurants. I was happy to be dropped off on the Main Street while my husband drove to his appointment.

I spent most of my time browsing through the stores, checking out the art gallery, photographing the store fronts and enjoying a coffee at one of the local coffee shops. The downtown area has been designated provincially as a historic site and many of the storefronts have maintained it’s original architectural features. Two of the older buildings house the municipal offices and federal government offices.

Many of the stores still had some Christmas decorations in the windows and on the sidewalk. I loved the art on the exterior walls and I can imagine that in the summer when the trees are adorned with their leaves that walking along here is very pleasant.

I met my husband in a lovely coffee shop called the Espresso Post. While I waited I enjoyed a flat white and sketched in my drawing book. I loved the feel of the place with it’s heavy sturdy tables and chairs and high ceilings. When my husband arrived he also ordered a flat white and then we walked down the street to a restaurant called Sol Kitchen. It was recommended to me by the ladies who owned the art gallery called Butter Art Gallery. It was a great recommendation. The food was excellent and there was art on all the walls from local painters. My kind of place.

11 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – January 25, 2018

  1. I’ve been to Collingwood several times in my journey along the Bruce Trail, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the downtown. It seems we’ve always managed to stay on the outskirts.

    It looks like a lovely downtown that’s worked hard to maintain its heritage. I love the photo of the train wall art! It’s quite different from the usual murals that one sees.


    • I love going to these small towns and checking out the downtown area. Unfortunately so many of them can’t compete with the big box stores. Even if there isn’t one in their community people will get in their cars and drive for miles to get to one.


      • That’s so true. I grew up in a small town and the attraction is going someplace different with a large selection. It’s tough on the small local businesses just trying to survive.

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  2. Looks like such a wonderful vibrant community. I don’t think I’ve ever been there but if I am ever end up in that area I will make a point of checking it out. Thanks for the tour 🙂


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