Hanging onto Summer

….now that we’re officially into autumn, I appreciate all the ‘warm and sunny’ days that come our way

Yesterday I spent the entire day with my oldest daughter, A and her partner, J. We started out in the morning at the Junction Farmer’s Market. I love this small market. The vendors are friendly and young, if not in age certainly at heart. The market has a lovely community feel to it.

The market includes freshly baked breads and healthy treats (and not so healthy), olives and olive oils, organic vegetables, free range chickens and pork, freshly picked fruits, local fish, honey, and ready to eat food, like BBQ ribs, dumplings, and meat pies. One of the vendors took out his guitar and played a tune for those passing by.


P1030294 P1030295 P1030296

After making a few purchases we decided to check out the new cafe situated right next door to the market. It’s called the Full Stop and they make great Americanos. J really wanted one of the scones but she was shocked at the size of it. It could have fed a family of four.

After enjoying great coffee we headed back to my house and dropped off some of the perishables. Then we proceeded on our marathon of shopping….Canadian Tire, Ikea, Zellers, and Costco.

After our trip to Costco we were starting to feel rather peckish. Other than our coffee and splitting one scone three ways we hadn’t eaten in over 5 hours. The girls really wanted pizza but one of our favourite places had a line-up all the way out the door and almost to the street. We decided that there had to be other places that made good pizza.

We chose a place that a couple of my friends really like but I have to say that the pizza was just mediocre. When you don’t eat pizza all the time because of dietary reasons it’s really disappointing when you end up with a meal that you wish you hadn’t ordered. The salad was good but I would never recommend this restaurant for pizza. I took the leftovers home and K ate it when he got back from the cottage. He has a weakness for pizza.

Emma over at My Darling Lemon Thyme posts some of her favourite things every month. This video of an outdoor dinner in a cave by the ocean really made me long for more summer. I wonder how I could do this on a budget? Hmmm! Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Hanging onto Summer

  1. We have a “favorite” pizza place on the coast in a tourist town called Ocean Shores. The truth is that the pizza isn’t all that good, but nostalgia and tradition compels us to continue going there. Funny how that works because in the end the pizza isn’t worth it at all!


  2. You may be hanging on to summer, but here in the southern hemisphere we are trying to hang onto winter…or at least Spring. Instead of balmy September Spring days, we are sweltering in 30-degree heat as summer comes early and with ferocity. And we have just elected (not me!) a new government which believes that climate change is a figment of over-excited imaginations.


    • Unbelievable! Even after the latest report from hundreds of scientists that have verified that humans are definitely the cause of climate change? How many more floods and heat waves do you have to experience before some one wakes up? Our conservative government isn’t much better.


  3. A farmer’s market plus Ikea and Costco — gosh, you must have stamina! Yes, agree about trying to hold onto summer. Makes me want to look at cheap flights and accommodation in the Algarve for October/November. Both times we have been there previously (mid-November and beginning of March) weather was really good. Sigh.


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