Mundane Monday – #149 Words

…..thanks to Trablogger for hosting Mundane Monday

This week’s challenge to go close with a shallow depth of field using words as our subject. I couldn’t figure out which one I liked best so I’ve submitted a few of them. Which is your favourite?P1050893P1050897P1050900P1050901


Mundane Monday Challenge – #148

…..this week’s theme is hanging clothes – use a simple frame

Every week Trablogger challenges us to take better photos.

I like the contrast with the diagonal lines in the top to the horizontal lines on the wall.


Mundane Monday #146

…..this week’s theme is keychain

Thanks to Trablogger for this week’s photo challenge. Not only are we to photograph a keychain but to make the photo more interesting we were instructed to keep it minimal, blur the background and use the rule of thirds. Here is one that I think meets all three criteria.


Here are the others I took. They don’t meet all the criteria and some don’t meet any of them, other than the fact that they are keychains.