Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Electric

…thanks to Snow for hosting this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

Electric Guitar


Electric Lights


Distorted City Lights


Electric Scooter


Electrical Box


Battery Operated Electric Lanterns


Electric Car


January 2013 Photo a Day – Electric

…… this could be a simple photo of your toaster {but get creative} or something else electric

Our life depends on electricity. We use it to run our appliances, heat and light our homes, cook our food and run our computers and electronic games and devices. Without it we couldn’t write our blogs and post our photos. Funny thing is that in the summer I live without electricity for weeks at a time at my cottage and don’t miss it. Electricity is something we take for granted until we experience a blackout and are forced to adapt.

The challenge is to take interesting photos that highlight the word electric.

ImageImageIn the first picture, you see a bright light coming from a person’s yard where their children were out playing in the freshly fallen snow. The second picture is a light standard next to a local skating rink. I tried to capture the large fluffy snow flakes that were falling in front of the light and this is what I got.

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