Water, Water Everywhere – Georgian Bay

….thanks to Jez for hosting Water, Water Everywhere https://jezbraithwaite.blog/2022/08/22/river-clyde-water-water-everywhere-140/

I’ve just returned from a five day stay at the cottage on Georgian Bay. As some of you may know my cottage is on an island and to get there you have to take a ferry. So I am literally surrounded by water when we go there. The cottage is on the north shore so it looks like we’re on the sea. This past week the lake was calm and great for swimming and paddle boarding.


8 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere – Georgian Bay

    • Do you mean Wasaga Beach? When I typed in Waseca Beach it went straight to Wasaga. When I was growing up my favourite day trips were to Wasaga beach. On the west shore of the island where our cottage is you can see Wasaga Beach off in the distance. Our beach is like the one in Wasaga but without the large groups of people.


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