Holy Trio of Stained Glass – March 3, 2022

….after spending a couple of hours at Grace on the Hill Church today listening to a live concert I was able to capture some beautiful stained glass windows for Thursday Trios


If you have some trios you’d like to share with me and your followers just copy my link and paste it into your blog post. I’ll get a pingback and I will surely check it out and get back to you.

18 thoughts on “Holy Trio of Stained Glass – March 3, 2022

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  8. Hi Mama Cormier

    Your stained glass trios are exquisite! I especially like the panels with the Angel wings the most.

    Am I ever embarrassed for  being tardy in commenting on your great Thursday Trios challenge. Usually I’m more timely! Thank you for hosting.

    Here’s my Thursday Trios offering: there’s a trio of 3 triptychs – each of which is a trio in and of itself. It wasn’t possible to show a close up of the framed prints because the hallway there isn’t wide enough for my lens to photograph them head-on fyi.

    Beautiful Great Blue Herons… Role Reversal?


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